We spent a year in Victoria preparing for the trip.. Part of this prep focussed on our kayaking skills.

We made the most of regular pool sessions to practise our kayking skills and learn new techniques in the comfort of warm water.

However we also regularly donned our immersion gear and practised our bracing, rolling, sculling, self rescues and assited rescues in the cold ocean and more challenging conditions.

By the time we left on the trip we were both capable of sculling for support and executing a variety of rolls on both our on and off sides.

We were also capable of fast and efficient assisted rescues as well as self rescues such as re-enter and rolling and paddlefloat rescues.

Of all the skills we practised only our braces were put to the test on the trip.

Kevin sculling for support on his off side
Garth setting up to roll on his off side