Growing up on a farm was a great experience. Like most children we took it for granted at the time but now we are able to look back and appreciate the wonderful environment that we grew up in and the opportunities it afforded.

By far the most rewarding time of year on the farm was spring and lambing season. Although it was also the busiest time of year there was a lot of satisfaction to be gained in the quieter moments - watching the miracle of birth on a still spring evening as a newborn tries to stand on wobbly legs; watching older lambs frolic and chase each other, the sounds of skylarks in the sky....

The homestead at Killymuris Farm
Unfortunately we never really explored our own backyard before we left for the bright lights of the cities and our univeristy studies and careers. However this is something we are working on but in the meantime we live vicariously through Noel's photo's as her and Dad explore the backcountry roads and tramp (hike) the New Zealand forests and mountains.